Too Much Property For Bank Financing?

When Your Loan Doesn’t Fit the Equation


Real estate investors with multiple properties can face an uphill battle when looking to obtain financing for their investment properties. While income, credit and the ability to repay should be the determining factors, many funding sources cap the number of properties an investor can own. This can make obtaining financing for new properties, or refinancing existing properties, difficult at best.


Why You Need A Private Money Lender

We specialize in alternative financing, and our programs do not cap the number of properties that can be owned by a single investor. We can help obtain financing for most property types here in California, from residential investment property to multi-family property, commercial, mixed use, even industrial property and land. In addition, we have programs that can compete on rate.

When people think about alternative financing, private money or hard money lenders they often associate that with rates at or above 12%. We have a number of programs to fit the needs of qualified investors, even those who own many properties, that have competitively priced rates in the single digits. These programs are not limited to individuals with excellent credit, even with credit challenges we can often times offer highly aggressive pricing.


Many Factors Are Taken In Account

Our pricing takes into account a number of factors. Credit is one factor, but other compensating factors can overcome even the most challenged credit. Loan to value is another factor; with the right loan to value we can often times offer pricing that is as good or very similar to what we could offer someone with excellent credit.

Most of our funding is private, meaning we do not have rigid guidelines. Rather we are able to offer terms based on a make-sense type of underwriting. If the risk is lower, whether through income, assets, credit, loan to value or other factors that can be reflected in the pricing we are able to secure for your transaction. Every transaction is different and unique.

The best way to understand how we can potentially help is to give us a call. We can discuss your specific transaction and offer personalized service and pricing. Call us today at 707-315-1119, or fill out our borrower form or contact form to learn more about our California private money loans and what California Private Money Lenders can do for you.

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