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Mortgage Broker

California Private Money Lenders works consistently to provide exceptional service to our brokers. We value you as a very important part of our business and appreciate your decision to work with us each and every time. Many of the brokers we work with have been frustrated by deadlines not kept, quotes that change, and the failure of other companies in the ability to fund their private money loans in Sonoma County.  California Private Money Lenders, formerly Pine Valley Mortgage has a 25 year track record of quality Santa Rosa private money loans delivered on time, at the rate quoted, and we will continue to exceed both yours and your client’s expectations. We are your go-to source for quality service and competitive rate loans as a Sonoma County hard money lender.

Whether you’re doing your first Hard Money Loan or are an industry veteran, you will be pleased with our responsive team. We work together seamlessly to move your loan from submission to funding in the shortest amount of days while protecting each broker’s interests.


CPML Makes Difficult Lending Possible

California Private Money Lenders understands the important role brokers play in our business. We value and appreciate your decision to do business with our company. In acknowledging your worth to our business, we can review loan scenarios promptly. If you would like to get pricing, please fill our Brokers Loan Submission Form with your client’s full scenario and we will call you soon.

For loan submission please provide the following documents for our review:

Residential Properties

  • 1003
  • 1008
  • Signed Borrowers Authorization
  • Credit Report
  • Interior/Exterior Photos of the Property or Appraisal Report (if applicable)
  • Proof of Funds -2 months most recent bank statements (for purchase transactions)
  • Income Documents -for owner-occupied properties (2 months most recent pay stubs, last 2 fiscal year tax returns, YTD Profit and Loss Statements)-for Self-Employed Borrowers (2 years personal and business tax returns)

Additional Conditions may apply after thorough review of the application.

Commercial Properties

  • For Purchase Transactions we would need:
    • Purchase Contract
    • Escrow Receipt of Deposit
  • 1003 -for designated signatory of the loan
  • Signed Borrowers Authorization -for designated signatory of the loan
  • Credit Report
  • Interior/Exterior Photos of the Property or MAI Appraisal Report
  • Evidence of Insurance – Declaration Policy Page
  • Articles of Incorporation/Organization
  • Operations Agreement
  • Rent Roll
  • Expense Report
  • Year to Date (YTD) Profit and Loss Statement.

Additional Conditions may apply after thorough review of the application.

California Private Money Brokers funds loans promptly when loan submission packages are sent with the required paperwork filled out properly and supporting information required for loan submission is included in loan submission packet.