California Private Money Lenders History


John Filippa

John Filippa

Owner–Lead Broker


Phone: 707-315-1119

I am John Filippa, the owner and lead broker for California Private Money Lenders.

I have been doing private money loans exclusively for over 30 years and have funded over $230,000,000 worth of loans during this period with Sonoma County private money loans.

Our primary business activity is private money lending in Sonoma County to residential and commercial borrowers. Loan Investors include local business owners, professionals, pension and profit sharing plans, and individuals seeking higher than market yields. California Private Money Lenders specializes in providing high quality loans for our borrowers and investors.

I have a MBA from San Jose State University and I have worked extensively in the financial services industry, from being a Wall Street executive to an investment specialist for a successful Marin County financial consulting company. In my spare time I enjoy playing golf at the Santa Rosa Country Club and taking advantage of all the amenities that the Wine Country and Sonoma Coast has to offer.

I have brought my investment expertise to the real estate industry and our company has successfully provided high quality loan opportunities to some of the Wine countries most prominent citizens.

I started my private money loan business in Santa Rosa because I saw a need for individuals and businesses to borrow funds for relatively short periods of time (1 to 5 years) to improve their current and future financial situations. We specialize in originating and funding special situations loans including:

  • Vineyard and Winery Loans
  • Residential Loans
  • Bridge Loans
  • Estate Settlement Loans
  • Land Loans
  • Commercial Loans

We will look at any lending situation that “makes sense”.


Dee EverettDee Everett

Loan Agent–Business Development


Phone: 707-775-0142

I bring a depth and breadth of experience to my work at California Private Money Lenders. My background spans many industries with years of experience in the mortgage and financial planning arenas that are a great fit for a private money lending company.

I thrive on learning and new experiences so that my career has been highlighted with being a private jet pilot to being both a flight instructor and ski instructor.

I enjoy helping clients make sound financial decisions through real estate investment or through private money loans as a way of building their investment portfolio.

I have my real estate license, a fiduciary license, and I am licensed as a airline transport pilot and have flown Lear jets. When I’m not working I enjoy flying, skiing, and equestrian sports.

We choose our name California Private Money Lenders to explain what we do for both borrowers and investors. We are the same company with the same quality of service that you have relied on us for over the years as Pine Valley Mortagage. We are known for creating “win-win” situations for both borrowers and investors alike. Give us a call with your lending needs and let us show you why we consistently exceed our client’s expectations.