California Private Money Lenders

California Hard Money Lenders

We provide working capital for real estate investors.

Bridge Loans

We are a hard money lender in California, we make loans on existing real estate to help the borrower with short-term cash flow needs.

Purchase & Refinance

CPML is a private money in California, we provide funds for individuals to purchase or refinance property when conventional financing isn't possible.

Estate Settlement Loans

We make private money loans on an estates real property giving beneficiaries time to complete settling the estate.

Private Money Loans

We provide private money loan solutions when conventional financing isn't available.

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Quality Private Money Loans


CPML delivers competitive rate private money loans in Sonoma County when conventional financing isn’t possible.

Integrity in Servicing Private Money Loans


We have an impeccable track record delivering Santa Rosa private money loans for over 25 years.

Competitive Private Money Loan Rates

Great Rates

California Private Money Lenders consistently provides Sonoma County private money loans at rates of 8-12%.

Why Borrowers & Investors Consistently Choose CPML

  • We have a 30 year track record delivering private money or hard money loans to sophisticated borrowers
  • Our hard money loans fund quickly and efficiently
  • No hidden fees, you know your costs upfront
  • Competitive rates for hard money loans
  • We deliver hard money loans when you can’t fund conventionally


California Private Money Lenders Services

  • Private money financing for residential, commercial, vineyard/winery, or land loans
  • Hard money refinancing for residential, commercial, vineyard/winery, or land loans
  • Bridge loans on existing property so you can continue operating your business or personal finances while waiting to sell properties
  • Estate loans on the Estate’s real property giving beneficiaries the time to complete settling the estate
  • Direct broker services; providing hard money loans directly to your clients
  • Secure yields for investors looking to invest in secure private money loans

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